Antonym is a product and design studio created by West Australian Design duo, Jack Flanagan and Sara Gaspar. We’re driven by the idea of being opposite. We find inspiration in divergent methods and materials, and while we are traditionally trained and abide by proven approaches, we don’t limit ourselves to accepted design wisdom.

Our focus is one-off and exclusive products that sit at the perfect place between form and function. They’re for people who appreciate unique design as much as those who simply want something that looks good, and wears the way it should.

Our Story

Jack Flanagan is an industrial designer with a resume of bespoke furniture that he has exhibited throughout Australia and overseas. Sara Gasper is a fashion designer with an interior design background. Sara has an in depth knowledge of textiles, and a strong instinct for colour, form and materials.

We were introduced at an industry party in 2016 and decided to meet for a coffee to see where our ideas could take us. We think we make a formidable team, with a complementary skill set that enhances our curiosity and drive.

We both have a passion for design, in particular furniture and architecture. Our goal with Antonym is to bring this inspiration and our shared aesthetic into a clothing and footwear range. We each have a history of applying different thinking to overcome accepted problems. And neither of us is afraid to explore the multitude of ways that don’t work, to find the one that does.

We’re proud to introduce our 2018 range, our founding project together, and believe it encapsulates this sentiment perfectly.